Introducing our title piece "Different Fruitures"

Travel to the future to help find the forgotten truth!


"A capturing performance, Alys drew all eyes on her in a humorous and challenging way. The message behind the performance was key to the current context of our age, that being nature, sustainability and our relationship to the earth."

Stephen Watts - Permaculture teacher



Our aims are to build confidence, group work, autonomy to learn, connection with nature and increased well-being. 

Perfect for family engagement days, schools and arts / educational centres

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Educational pack available soon. 


"Different Fruitures" is perfect for festival settings as we aim to create a fun, invigorating experience that is suitable for all ages! Yet all the while having an environmental message. 

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Image from Truefest 2019 



Children can learn English through drama with us, through use of mime and simple directions and movement.

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Education pack available soon.​